Tipper recently had an opportunity to meet with The United States Secretary of Labor Tom Perez to discuss diversity and inclusion for people who live with disabilities. Below is a blog post from Mr. Secretary.

“As President Obama and I have said many times, our economy is strongest when we field a full team and when every person who wants a job can find one. As part of the Department of Labor’s commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, I visited Northrop Grumman’s headquarters in northern Virginia to talk to workers and management about how they make equal employment opportunities a reality. Northrop Grumman has been in the vanguard when it comes to hiring people with disabilities, recognizing the assets they bring to the table and adopting innovative policies to ensure they are accommodated in the workplace.

During today’s visit, I met William Thomas, a Northrop Grumman engineer who works on radar systems. Outside of work, William mentors young people, encouraging them to pursue paths to engineering careers. He also happens to use a wheelchair.

And what does Northrop Grumman management have to say about employees like William? Sandra Evers-Manly, Vice President for Global Corporate Responsibility, says that employing people with disabilities has allowed the company to succeed by having a workforce with a diverse set of skills and perspectives. William and Northrop Grumman are proving that the last seven letters of the word “disability” are more important that the first three.

Northrop Grumman works with the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs to ensure they’re providing equal employment opportunities for all. And while OFCCP vigorously enforces the law, it is also an untapped resource for federal contractors and subcontractors like Northrop Grumman seeking to reach more workers with disabilities.

Today’s visit confirmed for me that when employers engage with the Department of Labor and with the disability community, they can do well by doing good. More employers like Northrop Grumman are recognizing that recruiting workers with disabilities is good for the individual employee, good for the company bottom line, and good for the strength of the national economy.”

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