Honored to be apart of the virtual 30th Anniversary celebration for the Americans with Disabilities Act as a featured panelist to speak on disability today and tomorrow. This event was hosted by the George and Barbara Bush Foundation, The Obama’s Higher Grounds Platform and the National Organization on Disability. #TIPTalks

Tipper featured in the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the ADA.

“It’s not uncommon for Black people to form a mentαl disability (i.e., PTSD) out of trauma.

Trauma can be formed from socioeconomic disparities that can lead to crime and addiction; living in subsidized housing, being exposed to lead paint poisoning, poor sanitation, and ventilation systems. Not to mention the recurring violent incidents, images, and videos of unarmed Black people killed by hands of the state. These factors cause an enormous amount of emotional and mental distress on Black people.

I have had conversations with police officers in different districts and neither of them recall any training in their academy on how to deal with perpetrators or victims of crime who have disabilities.

This is evident in the murders of Sandra Bland, Tamar Rice, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray; all who had some form of a disability that went unrecognized by police. ” – W. Tipper thomas

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