2012 Channel Fox 45 Champion of Courage Award Winners

2012 Channel Fox 45 Champion of Courage Award Winners

Dear Donor,

Look at me as an example of life after a significant trauma.  See evidence that it is possible to go on to achieve great things despite a disability.  I need your help so that I can continue to assist families of victims of trauma.  I need your help so that parents can stay by the side of their injured child and a spouse  can tend to their mate giving them the emotional support and medical attention they require.

Your donation allows the foundation to help support families while they navigate through the recovery process.  Your support helps keep people in life as productive members of society instead of falling by the wayside.  I had so much support throughout my ordeal. Support from family, friends, teammates and the surrounding communities.  Because of them, I never slipped into depression.  I stayed encouraged.  I have no idea where I would be today if I did not have that constant support and reminder of life before my injury. That is the type of healing environment your contributions will help to foster.

When I talk to trauma victims and their families, especially those that have physical altering injuries, I want them to know that reduced mobility and function is still living!  I want them to know that just because you can do 95% of the things you used to do, instead of a 100%, it doesn’t mean that 95% is bad.  I am living proof that life after trauma can be fulfilling, especially with the support of others. Please help me to be helpful to others.

Thank you for your generous donation.






William “Tipper” Thomas, III