Happy Trauma Survivor's Day

Happy Trauma Survivor’s Day

On May 21, 2014, in accordance with The Trauma Survivor’s Network and The American Trauma Society, We celebrated the First Annual Trauma Survivor’s Day.

Many of you know my story but not of the unsung Heroes behind my recovery. Physician-in-Chief Dr. Thomas Scalea, Dr. James O’Connor, Nurses Caran Young, Hilary Sanders and others are among others that will always be remembered by me.

On this day, I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Tim. For someone who was paralyzed by having a tree crush his back from performing his day job as a tree cutter. He is truly a great spirit and it was refreshing to hear him speak about his life and injury. A person of strong faith and good character will always pull through despite the obstacles. I salute you Mr. Tim and I wish you a Happy Trauma Survivor’s Day.

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