The importance of family support is profound. Family support is especially essential when a child is recovering from a tragic event that has directly affected the child. If a child is injured as a result of a traumatic experience, one would assume that the child’s parent or guardian would want to be right there with the child at least while the child is receiving inpatient care and treatment. Unfortunately, most families in this day and age are working families. Therefore, the families are relying on working to maintain financial stability. If a parent or guardian is faced with the decision of being with his or her child while the child is hospitalized or continuing to work, this can be emotionally stressful for the family.

For a parent who does not have a choice but to continue to work, he or she may run the risk of not fully understanding how his or her child is progressing while in the hospital. The parent may also miss out on giving input regarding medical interventions for the child. For a parent that makes the decision to be with their child while in the hospital, he or she may run the risk of possibly losing wages or losing his or her job. This is why the TIPPER FOUNDATION exists. To help these families during this time of need.

To help raise awareness about this need, William Tipper Thomas travels the country speaking to groups and families about the importance of dedicated care for injured children.
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